Workshop on Quantum Topology

2017 - March 9th & 10th
University of Lille

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Bellingeri Paolo - Université de Caen
Ben Aribi Fathi - Université de Genève
Blanchet Christian - Université Paris Diderot
Cazassus Guillem - Université de Nantes
Kashaev Rinat - Université de Genève
Meusburger Catherine - Universität Erlangen-Nürnberg
Robert Louis-Hadrien - Universität Hamburg
Santharoubane Ramanujan - University of Virginia
Schweigert Christoph - Universität Hamburg
Vaz Pedro - Université catholique de Louvain

The titles and abstracts of the talks are available here: pdf.


The talks will take place in the building M2, room Salle de Réunion (2nd floor), see the practical information below.

Thursday, March 9th
Welcome coffee starting at 09h15
10h10 – 11h00 : Paolo Bellingeri, Local moves for welded knotted objects
11h10 – 12h00 : Rinat Kashaev, 3D Index and shaped triangulations
14h00 – 14h50 : Louis-Hadrien Robert, Evaluation of sl(N)-foams
15h00 – 15h50 : Pedro Vaz, 2-Verma modules and the Khovanov-Rozansky link homologies
Coffee break
16h30 – 17h20 : Christoph Schweigert, Eilenberg-Watts calculus for finite categories and a bimodule Radford S4theorem
Conference dinner starting at 20h

Friday, March 10th
09h00 – 09h50 : Catherine Meusburger, Kitaev lattice models as a Hopf algebra gauge theory
Coffee break
10h20 – 11h10 : Christian Blanchet, Trace modifiée sur le groupe quantique sl(2) restreint et invariants de Hennings logarithmiques
11h20 – 12h10 : Ramanujan Santharoubane, Quotient of surface groups and homology of finite covers via Topological Quantum Field Theories
14h00 – 14h50 : Guillem Cazassus, Towards extended Floer field theories
15h00 – 15h50 : Fathi Ben Aribi, An L2 version of the Burau representation


Registration is free of charge but mandatory. To register, just send an email to .

Practical information

The workshop will take place at the Laboratoire Paul Painlevé of the University of Lille 1, on the campus Cité Scientifique, in Villeneuve d'Ascq.
The Laboratoire Paul Painlevé is located at the building M2 which is five minutes walking from the metro station Cité scientifique, see this map.
For further information on how to reach the Laboratoire Paul Painlevé, see this link.

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