Topology and geometry of real and complex singularities
Université des Sciences et Technologies de Lille (USTL)
March 21-22-23, 2007
(poster of the conference)

 PHOTOS from the workshop *
        by Adam and Ola

List of confirmed speakers
  • Georges Comte (Nice)
  • Nicolas Dutertre (Marseille)
  • Adam Dzedzej (Gdansk)
  • Kevin Houston (Leeds)
  • Satoshi Koike (Hyogo)
  • Tadeusz Krasinski (Lodz)
  • Michel Merle (Nice)
  • Johannes Nicaise (Lille)
  • Adam Parusinski (Angers)
  • Anne Pichon (Marseille)
  • Jean-Jacques Risler (Paris)
  • David Trotman (Marseille)

This workshop is supported by the USTL, the ``Paul Painlevé'' CNRS laboratory and the ``Singularities and Applications'' GDR of CNRS. It is organized by Arnaud Bodin et Mihai Tibar.

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