Univ Lille 1

Journée "Singularités"
organisée par le séminaire Singularités et Applications
Jeudi  4 juin, Salle Duhem, M3
10:30-11:30 Laurentiu Paunescu (University of Sydney)  

Whitney Fibering Conjecture

Abstract. We show Whitney's fibering conjecture in the real and complex,
local analytic and global algebraic cases.

14:00-15:00 Raimundo Araujo dos Santos (ICMC, University of Sao Paulo)  

Neuwirth-Stallings pairs and non-trivial real Milnor fibrations

Abstract. We use topology of configuration spaces to give a characterization
of Neuwirth–Stallings pairs (S^5 , K) with dim K = 2. As a consequence, we
construct polynomial map germs (R^6 , 0) → (R^3 , 0) with an isolated singularity
at the origin such that their Milnor fibers are not diffeomorphic to a disk,
thus solving Milnor’s non-triviality question.