Workshop on Symplectic Geometry, Contact Geometry and Interactions
University of Lille 1, February 2007, 15-16-17.
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List of confirmed speakers includes
  • Patrick BERNARD (Paris)
  • Kai CIELIEBAK (Munich)
  • Octav CORNEA (Montreal)
  • Mihai DAMIAN (Strasbourg)
  • Tobias EKHOLM (Sweden)
  • Emmanuel FERRAND (Paris)
  • Hansjörg GEIGES (Köln)
  • Emmanuel GIROUX (Lyon)
  • Paolo LISCA (Pisa)
  • Klaus MOHNKE (Berlin)
  • Felix SCHLENK (Brussels)
  • Ivan SMITH (Cambridge)

This is the first of a cycle of workshops supported by the Universities of Brussels (ULB), Lille (USTL), Strasbourg (IRMA), and Ecole Polytechnique (Paris), and organized by

J.-C. Alvarez-Paiva, J.-F. Barraud, F. Bourgeois, A. Oancea, C. Viterbo.

For any questions about the conference please contact us at