Cristian Preda
Professor of Statistics
Ecole Polytechnique Universitaire de Lille
Courses and Lecture notes (Page under construction !)
Probability 0 (GIS3)
Introduction to probabilities.
Probability 1 (GIS3)
Random variables, moments, characteristic function. Random vectors.
Probablity 2 (GIS3)
Conditional expectation, Central Limit Theorems and applications. Quality Control.
Nonparametric Statistics (GIS4)
Nonparametric estimation of the density. Power of tests and sample size. Ranks and tests based on statistics of ranks.
Exploratory multivariate statistics (GIS4)
Principal component analysis. Multiple correspondance analysis. Linear discriminant analysis.
Biostatistics (GIS5)
Sample sizes in clinical trials. Construction and evaluation of diagonostic scores. On some particular experimental designs. Survival analysis. Cox model.