Miruna-Stefana Sorea

My personal web page can be reached here.

My PhD thesis can be found for instance on HAL archives ouvertes or on ResearchGate.

  • I am a researcher currently working on:
    - real algebraic geometry of plane curves;
    - combinatorics;
    - singularity theory;
    - Morse theory;
    - topology;
    - the study of polynomial functions of several variables.

  • Publications - in preparation:

    1. Construction of all separable snakes in one variable
    2. The asymptotic Poincaré-Reeb tree of bivariate polynomial functions

  • PhD Thesis:

    Title: "The shapes of level curves of real polynomials near strict local minima".

    Under the supervision of: Assistant Prof. Arnaud Bodin and Prof. Patrick Popescu-Pampu.

    Defended on: the 10.10.2018, at Paul Painlevé Laboratory from Lille University and École Doctorale Sciences Pour l'Ingénieur.

    Thesis commitee: Arnaud Bodin (advisor), Benoit Fresse, Evelia R. García Barroso (reviewer), Étienne Ghys (president), Ilia Itenberg (reviewer), Hélène Maugendre, Patrick Popescu-Pampu (advisor).

    Key words: geometry, topology, singularities, Morse theory, real algebraic curve, polar curve, discriminant curve, Poincaré-Reeb tree, non-convexity, separable permutation, Arnold's snake, Jordan curve.

    Financial support: 50% Labex CEMPI (Centre Européen pour les Mathématiques, la Physique et leurs interactions) and 50% Région Hauts-de-France.

  • Last update: 20.11.2018