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Published in Mathematical Journals (with referee):

  1. B.Beckermann, G. Labahn, Ana C. Matos: On rational functions without Froissart doublets (submitted) (pdf file)

  2. B.Beckermann, Ana C. Matos, : Algebraic properties of robust Pad\'e approximants, Journal of Approximation Theory 190 (2015), 91-115 (pdf file)

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  6. Ana C. Matos:  Multivariate Frobenius Padé Approximants, J. Comput. Appl. Math, 202 (2007), 548-572.  (pdf file)

  7. Ana C. Matos, J. Van Iseghem: Simultaneous Frobenius-Padé approximants, J. Comput. Appl. Math, 176 (2005), 231-258. (pdf file)

  8.  Ana C. Matos: Recursive Computation of Padé--Legendre Approximants and Some Acceleration Properties, Numerische Mathematik 89 (2001), 535-560. (pdf file)

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