Integrable systems and automorphic forms

February 19-22, Lille

Laboratoire Paul Painlevé


This conference belongs to a series of conferences in Lille whose common point is the unity of geometric and arithmetic aspects in certain moduli problems. The algebro-geometric objects in the scope include sheaves, principal bundles, connections and Higgs fields, holomorphically symplectic varieties and integrable systems. The arithmetical aspect comes from the fact that these moduli spaces are arithmetic quotients and are described in terms of automorphic forms.

Scientific Committee: Valery Gritsenko, Gregory Sankaran, Armando Treibich, Pol Vanhaecke, Alexander Veselov

Organizers: Valery Gritsenko, Dimitri Markushevich, Armando Treibich

Speakers: Dmitri Adler, Samuel Boissière, Alexey Bolsinov, Ugo Bruzzo, Fabien Cléry, Gaia Comaschi, Ann du Crest de Villeneuve, Enrico Fatighenti, Evgeny Ferapontov, Valery Gritsenko, Aleksey Ivanov, Vincent Knibbeler, Vladimir Novikov, Alexandre Odesski, Volodya Roubtsov, Alessandra Sarti, Armen Sergeev, Alexander Tikhomirov, Alexander Veselov, Haowu Wang, Wadim Zudilin


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International Laboratory for Mirror Symmetry and Automorphic Forms NRU HSE (Moscow)

GDR n°3064 - Géométrie Algébrique et Géométrie complexe