Positivity and Vanishing theorems III

June 03-06, Lille

Laboratoire Paul Painlevé


The aim of this conference is to bring together well known experts and interested graduate students in Positivity and vanishing theorems, to focus on the latest developments in this aerea of research , where algebraic geometry team of university of Lille1 is partuculary involved.

The algebro-geometric objects in the scope include vector bundles, positive bundles, connexity, shur functor, hyperbolicity.

Scientific Committee: L. Ein , F. Peternell, F. Campana, W. Nahm, J.P. Demailly.

Organizers: F. Laytimi, A. El Mazouni, A. Treibich, D.S. Nagaraj.

Speakers: F. Bastianelli (Bari, Italy), M. Bolognesi

(Montpellier, France), F. Campana (Nancy, France), L. Ein

(Illinois, USA), L. Gruson (Paris, France), A. Kuronya

(Main, Germany), J. Liu (Beijing, China), A. F. Lopez (Roma3, Italy),

W. Nahm (DIAS, Ireland), J. Ch. Ottem (Oslo, Sweden),

G. Pacienza (Lorraine, France), G. Pareschi

(Roma Tor Vergata, Italy), J. Park ( Sogan,

Republic of Korea), A. Pendergast ( Lougborough, U.K),

J. Roé (Catalonia, Spain),

E. Rousseau (Aix- Marseille, France), T. Szemberg

(Cracaw, Poland), J. Szpond (Cracaw, Poland).

Venue: First floor, salle de conference, Batiment M2

Cite scientifique Villeneuve d‘ascq .


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