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Stochastic Geometry Days 2014

31st March - 4th April


Registration deadline: 20th March 2014

Short description:
Monday, 31st March and Tuesday, 1st April are devoted to two lectures :
  • "Some classical problems in random geometry" by P. CALKA
  • "Statistics for spatial point processes" by J.F. COEURJOLLY (➜ lecture files)
Wednesday, 2nd April : talks in honour of Youri DAVYDOV.
Thursday, 3rd April and Friday, 4th April : talks on stochastic geometry will go on.

Invited speakers (to be confirmed):
  • J.C. BRETON (Rennes)
  • F. DAVID (Saclay)
  • C. DOMBRY (Poitiers)
  • M. GORDIN (St Petersburg)
  • J.B. GOUERE (Orléans)
  • M. HEYDENREICH (Leiden)
  • Ch. HIRSCH (Ulm)
  • I. IBRAGIMOV (St Petersburg)
  • Z. KABLUCHKO (Ulm)
  • M. LIFSHITS (St Petersburg)
  • R. LACHIEZE REY (Paris V)
  • S. ROELLY (Potsdam)
  • E. SCHERTZER (Paris VI)
  • N. SMORODINA (St Petersburg)
  • M.N.M. VAN LIESHOUT (Amsterdam)
  • R. WAAGEPETERSEN (Aalborg)
  • S. ZUYEV (Göteborg)