logo Lille1 January 27th-29th 2016

Workshop on Continuum Percolation

There are no fees, but registration is mandatory. Registration deadline: January 8th 2016.

Location: Salle de réunion, first floor, building M2 ( ➜ access)

Short description:

Percolation problems mainly concern the existence of macroscopic paths in random environments defined at a microscopic scale. They appear in many fields such as material physics, biology, communication networks, etc. Discrete Percolation (i.e. on lattices), is actively studied since the 80s and is now well understood. However, modeling natural media -- such as foams, road or communication networks -- by lattices does not take into account all their richness and complexity. Continuum Percolation aims to fill this gap: the vertices are now chosen in the whole space $\mathbb{R}^{d}$, usually given by a point process, and are connected by following geometrical rules more or less elaborate (which may involve other sources of randomness). The study of these continuum models is much more technical and requires new tools.

Keywords: Boolean model, geometric random graphs, geodesics, Brownian web.

Invited (and confirmed) speakers:
  • S. Adams (Warwick)
  • B. Blaszczyszyn (Paris)
  • O. Häggström (Göteborg)
  • C. Hirsch (Berlin)
  • D. Jeulin (Paris)
  • J. Kahn (Toulouse)
  • G. Last (Karlsruhe)
  • R. Marchand (Nancy)
  • M. Penrose (Bath)
  • A. Sarkar (New Delhi)
  • V. Tassion (Genève)
  • J. Tykesson (Göteborg)
Organizers: N. Chenavier, D. Coupier, D. Dereudre, P. Heinrich, E. Schmisser, V.C. Tran.