PDF files

1) Spectral measures and moment problems .

2) Unbounded normal algebras and spaces of fractions.

3) Quotient morphisms, compositions, and Fredholm index (with Dana Gheorghe).

4) Unbounded extensions and operator moment problems (with E. Albrecht).

5) Quaternionic Cayley transform revisited.

6) Spectral theory for linear relations via linear operators (with Dana Gheorghe).

7) Spaces of Fractions and Positive Functionals.

8) Dimensional stability in truncated moment problems.

9) An idempotent approach to truncated moment problems.

10) Square Positive Functionals in an Abstract Setting.

11) Integral Representations of Semi-Inner Products in Function Spaces.

12) Analytic Functional Calculus in Quaternionic Framework .

13) Moment Problems in Hereditary Function Spaces.

14) Quaternionic Regularity via Analytic Functional Calculus.

15) Spectrum and Analytic Functional Calculus in Real and Quaternionic Frameworks .

16) Spectrum and Analytic Functional Calculus for Clifford Operators via Stem Functions.