Differential and Difference Equations:
Analytic, Arithmetic and Galoisian Approaches

19 - 23 October 2015, Lille
Laboratoire Paul Painlevé


Program with abstracts

Monday, October 19
11h00 Welcome of the participants
12h45 Lunch
14h30-15h20 J.-P. Ramis: New characterizations for the eigenvalues of the prolate spheroidal wave equation
15h30-16h20 H. Nagoya: Irregular conformal blocks and Painlevé functions
16h20-16h50 Coffee break
16h50-17h40 T. Rivoal: Arithmetic differential equations, E and G functions

Tuesday, October 20
9h30-10h20 X.-S. Gao: Differential and Difference Chow Form, Sparse Resultant, and Toric Variety
10h30-11h20 A. Lastra: A solution method for autonomous first order algebraic partial differential equations in several variables
11h20-11h50 Coffee break
11h50-12h40 B. Adamczewski: Algebraic independence of G-functions and Lucas type congruences
12h40 Lunch
14h30-15h20 D. Bertrand: Galoisian approach to Ax-Lindemann problems
15h30-16h20 S. Nishioka: Double-angle formulae and algebraic independence
16h20-16h50 Coffee break
16h50-17h40 T. Dreyfus: Mahler equations, differential Galois theory, and transcendence

Wednesday, October 21
9h30-10h20 H. Sakai: Discrete Painlevé equations and theory of rational surfaces
10h30-11h20 P. Roffelsen: On the series expansion of general solutions of the discrete Painlevé equation q-P(A1*) at its fixed singular points
11h20-11h50 Coffee break
11h50-12h40 R. Zhang: On a Second Solution to the Difference Equation Satisfied by Ramanujan's Entire Function
12h40 Lunch
14h30-15h20 J. Sauloy: Construction of a space of monodromy data for q-difference equations
15h30-16h20 R. Feng: On the computation of the Galois group of linear difference equations
16h20-16h50 Coffee break
16h50-17h40 Y. Katsushima: Connection problems of linear difference equations
19h00 Conference Dinner

Thursday, October 22
9h30-10h20 F. Loray: Projective connections and neighborhood of rational curves
10h30-11h20 G. Casale: TBA
11h20-11h50 Coffee break
11h50-12h40 M.-H. Saito: The moduli spaces of parabolic connections and Higgs bun- dles over a smooth curve and differential equations of Painleve type
12h40 Lunch
14h30-15h20 S. Shi: Weak-Painleve property and integrability of general dynamical systems
15h30-16h20 H. Tahara: Maillet type theorems, convolution equations and multisummability of formal solutions
16h20-16h50 Coffee break
16h50-17h40 F. Fauvet: Explicit linearization of one-dimensional germs through tree expansions

Friday, October 23
9h30-10h20 T. Tsuda: Hermite-Pade approximation, isomonodromic deformation and hypergeometric integral
10h30-11h20 M. Huttner: Local systems and linear independence of the values of p-adic polylogarithms
11h20-11h50 Coffee break
11h50-12h40 Y. Ohyama: Some special solutions to q-Painleve equations
12h40 Lunch