Organised by
Amaël Broustet
Anne Moreau
Olivier Serman
Travel to Lille
Lille is directly connected to Paris, Roissy CDG Airport, London and Brussels.
Campus map
The conference will be held on the campus Cité Scientifique, in the M2 building.
Participants (as of 05/06/2019)
Please contact us if there is a misspelling or if you registered but are not listed below.
Abdessami Jalled Faculty of sciences of Monastir
Aleksei Golota Higher School of Economics of Moscow
Alexandra Kuznetsova École Polytechnique
Amaël Broustet University of Lille
Ana Maria Botero University of Regensburg
Andrew Linshaw University of Denver
Anne Moreau University of Lille
Charles Favre École Polytechnique
Christian Lehn University of Chemnitz
Corinne Bedussa KU Leuven
Dimitri Markushevich University of Lille
Enrika Mazzon Imperial College London
Fabio Tanturri University of Lille
Fabrizio Bianchi University of Lille
Florian Ivorra University of Rennes
François Loeser Sorbonne University
Frederico Bongiorno Imperial College London
Haopeng Wang KU Leuven
Hernan Iriarte École Polytechnique
Johannes Nicaise Imperial College London
Joseph Atalaye University of Bordeaux
Julien Sébag University of Rennes
Junyan Cao Sorbonne University
Lorenzo Fantini Aix Marseille University
Luc Pirio University of Versailles Saint-Quentin-en-Yvelines
Luigi Lunardon Imperial College London
Lukas Engberg Aarhus University
Léonard Schneider École Normale Supérieure Paris
Mark Gross University of Cambridge
Michel Raibaut Université Savoie Mont Blanc
Mirko Mauri Imperial College London
Mladen Dimitrov University of Lille
Naud Potemans KU Leuven
Netanel Friedenberg Yale University
Olivier Serman University of Lille
Patrick Popescu-Pampu University of Lille
Praveen Roy Chennai Mathematical Institute
Raf Cluckers University of Lille
Rémi Reboulet University Grenoble Alpes
Shou Yoshikawa University of Tokyo
Sébastien Boucksom École Polytechnique
Tomoyuki Arakawa RIMS of Kyoto
Travis Mandel University of Edimburgh
Wim Veys KU Leuven
Ya Deng University of Gothenburg
Yanbo Feng University Paris Diderot