5th Meeting of the GDR Quantum Dynamics

How to get to the campus of Université Lille 1 and to the conference room by public transport?

The main train stations in Lille are "Lille Europe" and "Lille Flandres". These train stations are very close together and you can walk to get one from the other. The way to "Lille Flandres" is indicated inside "Lille Europe". In "Lille Flandres", there is a direct subway line toward the scientific campus (see more indications below). Directions to the subway station are indicated inside the train station "Lille Flandres". To get the subway station "Lille Flandres" from the other train station "Lille Europe", take the exit toward the esplanade "François Mitterand". The road goes on a bridge above the station exit. Follow this bridge on the left toward the shopping center "Euralille". There is a subway entry in front of the shopping center where the bridge reach the esplanade level.

The price of a subway ticket is 1.30 Euro. You have to validate your ticket on the access to the platform. You can get a ticket from a vending-machine in each subway station. Some vending-machines accept bank notes and you do not need to have the exact change to get a ticket. You can also get a set of 10 tickets for 11 Euro.

To get the campus from the subway station "Lille Flandres", take the subway line 1 to "4 Cantons". Get off at "Cité scientifique". You are in the center of the scientific campus.

The lectures will take place in the conference room of the CERLA, which is very close to the subway station. When you exit the subway station in "Cité Scientifique", you see a car park on your left. Enter this car park and the CERLA is in front of you.

Beware, the math department is not located at the same place as the CERLA. To get the math department from "Cité scientifique", walk along the subway (which is now an elevated train) in the direction of the next station ("4 Cantons") toward a big circular building (the library). After 100m, you will see on your right a building with a big aerial. This is the building of math teaching "M1". The laboratoire Painlevé is located in "M2", the building behind "M1" and connected to "M1" by a covered walk.

See the campus and the subway maps.

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