Workshop "Operads and Homotopy Theory"

Informal workshop to be held at the University of Lille, on August 23-28, 2010.

Dates : opening buffet on Monday 23 August at 12:00, closing on Saturday 28 August at 12:00.

Place/Practical information :

The workshop will be held at the UFR de Mathématique, of the Université Lille 1, campus "Cité Scientifique". Talks will take place in the "Salle de Réunion", building M2 of the math department. The welcoming buffet lunch, for the arrival of participants on Monday, will be served in the same building. Participants are lodged at the hotel Ascotel, in the campus, 100m far from the math buildings. From Tuesday till Friday, we will take lunch meals at the "Restaurant Universitaire Parisel", on another side of the campus. We have booked cold meals and sandwiches for Saturday noon.
The campus "Cité Scientifique" is connected to the main train stations of Lille and to the center of the city by an efficient, fully automated, subway line, running from 5am till 12pm (expect 20mn to get the campus from the train stations). If you come from overseas, then the easiest is to arrive at Paris-Charles-de-Gaule-Airport, and to take a TGV at the airport station (terminal 2) going to Lille in 50mn. Lille train station is also the terminus of several Belgium lines coming from Antwerpen and Bruxelles, and a halt of the Eurostar line "London-Bruxelles". The campus is also close to the airport of Lille which offers several connections to French and European cities.

For additional practical information, see:

Program :

The program of the talks will mostly be decided during the workshop, in the spirit of the MPI "Arbeitstagung". We just intend to fix the program of the first days - Monday and Tuesday - in advance and to prepare a tentative program for the remaining of the workshop, on the basis of participants' proposals. Please send talk propositions or suggestions to: . The titles/abstracts which we have already received are recorded below on this page.
We encourage the submission of propositions in advance, but we have scheduled a discussion about the workshop program on Monday evening to allow late suggestions. We plan five talks per day. From Tuesday till Saturday, we plan to devote each half day to a specific topic, or to gather together talks relying on close thematics. We have already planed the schedule of some talks with this idea in mind. Thursday afternoon will be free and a banquet will be organized on Thursday evening.

Here is the planed schedule of the workshop:


12H: Lunch buffet at math dpt
14H30-15H30: Hoffbeck
15H45-16H45: Moerdijk
17H-18H: program discussion

9H-10H: Chapoton
10H-10H30: coffee break
10H30-11H30: Lazarev
11H40-12H40: Burgunder
Lunch at RU Parisel
15H-16H: Salvatore
16H-16H30: coffee break
16H30-17H30: Informal talk

9H-10H: Kaufmann
10H-10H30: coffee break
10H30-11H30: Berglund
11H40-12H40 Markl
Lunch at RU Parisel
15H-16H: Millès
16H-16H30: coffee break
16H30-17H30: Granaker

9H-10H: Berger
10H-10H30: coffee break
10H30-11H30: Ching
11H40-12H40: Harper
Lunch at RU Parisel

19H30 : workshop banquet
9H-10H: Hirsch
10H-10H30: coffee break
10H30-11H30: Saneblidze
11H40-12H40: Shoikhet
Lunch at RU Parisel
15H-16H: Hinich
16H-16H30: coffee break
16H30-17H30: Informal talk

9H-10H: Walter
10H-10H30: coffee break
10H30-11H30: Ronco
11H30: workshop closing
Lunch buffet and sandwiches

Participants/proposed talks (with a link to abstracts):

Lodging and support :

We support lodging at the hotel Ascotel and lunch meals. We hope participants have their own funding for the travel to Lille. Otherwise we still have the possibility to support a very few travels, with a priority for junior participants.

Organizers/Contact :