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  1. Polynomial ensembles and recurrence coefficients [arXiv, CA]
    Adrien Hardy.
    Preprint 23p (2017), to appear in Constructive Approximation

  2. Concentration for Coulomb gases and Coulomb transport inequalities [arXiv]
    Djalil Chafaï, Adrien Hardy, Mylène Maïda.
    Preprint 30p (2016). Submitted.

  3. Monte Carlo with determinantal point processes [arXiv]
    Rémi Bardenet, Adrien Hardy.
    Preprint 48p (2016). In revision.

  4. A survey on the eigenvalues local behavior of large complex correlated Wishart matrices [arXiv, ESAIM]
    Walid Hachem, Adrien Hardy, Jamal Najim.
    ESAIM: Proceedings and surveys (2015)

  5. Large complex correlated Wishart matrices: The Pearcey kernel and expansion at the hard edge [arXiv, EJP]
    Walid Hachem, Adrien Hardy, Jamal Najim.
    Electronic Journal of Probability (2016)

  6. Large complex correlated Wishart matrices: Fluctuations and asymptotic independence at the edges [arXiv, AOP]
    Walid Hachem, Adrien Hardy, Jamal Najim.
    Annals of Probability (2016)

  7. Average characteristic polynomials of determinantal point processes [arXiv, AIHP]
    Adrien Hardy.
    Annales de l'Institut Henri Poincaré - Probabilités et Statistiques (2015)

  8. Large deviations for a non-centered Wishart matrix [arXiv, RMTA]
    Adrien Hardy, Arno Kuijlaars.
    Random Matrices: Theory and Applications (2013)

  9. A note on large deviations for 2D Coulomb gas with weakly confining potential [arXiv, ECP]
    Adrien Hardy.
    Electronic Communications in Probability (2012)

  10. Weakly admissible vector equilibrium problems [arXiv, JAT]
    Adrien Hardy, Arno Kuijlaars.
    Journal of Approximation Theory (2012)