Adrien Hardy

Mathematician, Associate professor at Université de Lille, France.

I'm a mathematician mostly interested in probability, mathematical physics, analysis, and statistics.

My research interests lie principally in understanding large random interacting particle systems, including random matrix models, determinantal point processes, or Gibbs measures such as the Coulomb gas. More recently, I became interested in using such stochastic models for applications, like faster Monte Carlo methods, denoizing in signal processing, or channel capacity estimates in telecoms.

Member of the ANR JCJC "BoB".

Spherical GAF realization (picture)


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  1. Mutual information of wireless channels and block-Jacobi ergodic operators
    Walid Hachem, Adrien Hardy, Shlomo Shamai. Preprint (2018), in revision in IEEE Transactions on Information Theory [arXiv]

  2. DLR equations and rigidity for the Sine-beta process
    David Dereudre, Adrien Hardy, Thomas Leblé, Mylène Maïda. Preprint (2018) [arXiv]

  3. Time-frequency transforms of white noises and Gaussian analytic functions
    Rémi Bardenet, Adrien Hardy. Preprint (2018), in revision in Applied and Computational Harmonic Analysis [arXiv]

  4. Energy of the Coulomb gas on the sphere at low temperature
    Carlos Beltrán, Adrien Hardy. Archive for Rational Mechanics and Analysis (2018) [arXiv, ARMA]

  5. Polynomial ensembles and recurrence coefficients
    Adrien Hardy. Constructive Approximation (2018) [arXiv, CA]

  6. Concentration for Coulomb gases and Coulomb transport inequalities
    Djalil Chafaï, Adrien Hardy, Mylène Maïda. Journal of Functional Analysis (2018) [arXiv, JFA]

  7. Monte Carlo with determinantal point processes
    Rémi Bardenet, Adrien Hardy. Preprint (2016), in revision in Annals of Applied Probability [arXiv]

  8. A survey on the eigenvalues local behavior of large complex correlated Wishart matrices
    Walid Hachem, Adrien Hardy, Jamal Najim. ESAIM: Proceedings and surveys (2015) [arXiv, ESAIM]

  9. Large complex correlated Wishart matrices: The Pearcey kernel and expansion at the hard edge
    Walid Hachem, Adrien Hardy, Jamal Najim. Electronic Journal of Probability (2016) [arXiv, EJP]

  10. Large complex correlated Wishart matrices: Fluctuations and asymptotic independence at the edges
    Walid Hachem
    , Adrien Hardy, Jamal Najim. Annals of Probability (2016) [arXiv, AOP]

  11. Average characteristic polynomials of determinantal point processes
    Adrien Hardy. Annales de l'Institut Henri Poincaré - Probabilités et Statistiques (2015) [arXiv, AIHP]

  12. Large deviations for a non-centered Wishart matrix
    Adrien Hardy, Arno Kuijlaars. Random Matrices: Theory and Applications (2013) [arXiv, RMTA]

  13. A note on large deviations for 2D Coulomb gas with weakly confining potential
    Adrien Hardy. Electronic Communications in Probability (2012) [arXiv, ECP]

  14. Weakly admissible vector equilibrium problems
    Adrien Hardy, Arno Kuijlaars. Journal of Approximation Theory (2012) [arXiv, JAT]

Other publications:

  • Processus ponctuels déterminantaux
    Adrien Hardy, Mylène Maïda, Gazette des Mathématiciens (2018) [SMF]

  • From random matrices to Monte Carlo integration via Gaussian quadrature
    Rémi Bardenet, Adrien Hardy, IEEE Statistical Signal processing workshop, 2018, Freiburg, Germany (2018) [HAL]


Courses (mainly in french):

  • (2018-2019) Probabilité, modèles et applications, M1 Ingénierie mathématique [Cours+TD]

  • (2017-2019) Séries temporelles, M1 Mathématiques pour la finance [Cours]

  • (2016-2018) Séries temporelles, M1 Mathématiques pour la finance [ TP ]

  • (2016-2018) Introduction to statistics, Ecole centrale, M1 Biomedical engineering [cours+TP]

  • (2016-2018) Introduction aux processus ponctuels déterminantaux, M2 Recherche [Cours+TD]

  • (2015-2018) Traitement informatique de la statistique des données, M1 Ingénierie mathématique [cours+TP]

  • (2015-2017) Mathématiques de base, L1 SVTE parcours aménagé [cours+TD]

  • (2015-2016) TD Mathématiques (analyse, algèbre, probabilités), Télécom Lille

PhD student: Mohamed Slim Kammoun (2017-), with Mylène Maïda.

Internship students: Imen Kerkeni (2018, Ecole Centrale Lille), Elvis Jourdant (2018, ENS Paris-Saclay).


Upcoming events (that I organize or particpate to)

Past events I helped to organize


Since September 2015, I am Maître de conférences (~Associate professor) in the Laboratoire Paul Painlevé, which is the mathematic department of the University of Lille.

During 2013-2015, I had a postdoctoral position at the Royal Institute of Technology (KTH) in the research team of Kurt Johansson.

In June 2013, I obtained a joint PhD degree (see the thesis) from KU Leuven, supervised by Arno Kuijlaars, and the Institut de Mathématiques de Toulouse, supervised by Michel Ledoux.

Before that, I studied in the Magistère de mathématiques de Strasbourg, including a Bachelor thesis with Janos Polonyi, a Magistère thesis with Jean-Bernard Zuber (internship at the LPTHE), and a Master thesis with Pierre van Moerbeke (Erasmus exchange program with the Université Catholique de Louvain).


Scientific websites I like to visit:

What's new (Terence Tao's Blog)

Libres pensées d'un mathématicien ordinaire (Djalil Chafaï's Blog)

John Baez's Stuff (John Baez's Blog)

Freakonometrics (Arthur Charpentier's Blog)

Images des mathématiques (in french)

Quanta Magazine (general science)

Math Overflow (research level math questions)

Math Stackexchange (student level math questions)

The mathematicians' survival kit:

Digital Library of Mathematical Functions

The On-Line Encyclopedia of Integer Sequences



Email: adrien.hardy[you_know_what]

Address: Laboratoire Paul Painlevé,
Université de Lille,
Cité Scientifique, bâtiment M3,
59 655 Villeneuve d'Ascq Cedex,

Bureau: 306