Visiting Scholars 2017

CEMPI welcomes each year a number of scholars to contribute to the scientific activities of the CEMPI through their participation in the conferences, workshops and seminars, and the development of common research with the CEMPI permanent researchers.

  • Changjian Liu, University of Suzhou, visit in January

  • Carlangelo Liverani, University of Rome, visit in January

  • Armen Sergeev, Steklov Mathematics Institute (Moscow), visit in January

  • Francine Meylan, University of Fribourg, visit in February

  • Alexander Tikhomirov, Higher School of Economics, Moscow, visit in February

  • Nathalie Ayi, Inria Rennes, visit in April

  • Alessandra Cipriani, University of Bath, visit in April

  • Yuta Suzuki, Nagoya University, visit in April

  • Ezzedine Zahrouni, University of Nabeul, visit in May

  • Paul Baginski, University of Fairfield, CT, visit in May

  • Kenji Iohara, Lyon, visit in May

  • Fabian Januszewski, KIT, visit in June

  • Victor Guerassimov, University of Belo Horisonte, visit in June

  • Hai Dang Ho Nguyen, University of Hue, visit in June

  • Laurentiu Paunescu, University of Sydney, visit in June

  • Lajos Molnar, University of Szeged, visit in July

  • Andriy Olenko, University of La Trobe, visit in October

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