Visiting Scholars 2015

CEMPI welcomes each year a number of scholars to contribute to the scientific activities of the CEMPI through their participation in the conferences, workshops and seminars, and the development of common research with the CEMPI permanent researchers.

  • Immanuel Halupczok, University of Leeds

  • Yousuke Ohyama, Osaka University, visit in March

  • Patrick Dular, FNRS Liège, visit in May

  • William T. Ross, University of Richmond, visit in June

  • Sanghuyk Lee, Séoul National University, visit in June

  • George Exner, Bucknell University, visit in June

  • Laurentiu Paunescu, University of Sydney, visit in June

  • Sergey Pinchuk, Indiana University, visit in February

  • Szymon Plis, Cracow University of Technology, visit in March

  • Dmitri Horoshko, B.I. Stepanov Institute of Physics of the Belarus National Academy of Sciences, visit in March and April

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