The training of mathematicians and physicists at the graduate and post-graduate level is an important aspect of the activities of CEMPI. The Center provides a stimulating international environment for master's and PhD students, as well as for post-doctoral researchers. Details of the application procedures for CEMPI funding are provided below.

Master's Degrees and Fellowships

Three master's degrees are associated to the CEMPI :

The CEMPI provides each year a number of fellowships (of maximally 10000 euros per year) to students enrolling in the second (and exceptionally the first) year of one of the above master's programs. The fellowships are merit-based and open to students of all nationalities with an outstanding academic record.

To apply for Master 2 in one of the mathematics master's degrees and for CEMPI funding, please visit the website of the degree you are interested in (above-mentioned) and follow the instructions, or visit the website of the Paul Painlevé laboratory here for further information.

To apply for Master 1 in one of the mathematics master's degrees and for CEMPI funding, please send a motivational letter, your curriculum vitae, a copy of your university degrees and grade sheets, two or three reference letters from your teachers (to be sent by them directly) to, to and to

To apply to the physics master's degree "Lumière-Matière - Optique et Photonique'' and for CEMPI funding, please follow the instructions given here.

The deadline for application for the fellowships is February 15, 2019. The candidates will be informed of the decision of the selection committee before March 31, 2019. Later applications will be considered and the candidates will be informed before June 23, 2019

Students interested in applying for one of the above master's degrees, but not for the fellowships, can apply later: see the respective websites for further details.

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