Thematic Semester Painlevé-CEMPI-Phlam 2014

  • "The Kawamata-Morrison conjecture for the ample cone of a hyper-Kahler variety", postgraduate course by Eyal Markman (University of Massachusetts) May 26, 3pm-4pm, May 28, 10.30am-12am and 4pm-5pm.

    Abstract: This work is joint with Kota Yoshioka. We derive the Kawamata-Morrison conjecture for the ample cone of a projective irreducible holomorphic symplectic manifold from the proven movable cone version of the conjecture and a lower bound on the Beauville-Bogomolov-Fujiki degree of exceptional curve. The latter bound in known in the K3 and generalized Kummer deformation types by work of Bayer-Macri, Yoshioka, and Bayer-Hassett-Tschinkel. Similar results were independently obtained by Amerik and Verbitsky forthe Kahler cone, dropping the projectivity assumption.

  • Instanton counting (June 16-20 2014 in Leiden)

  • Séminaire franco-allemand Formes automorphes Lille-Aachen-Köln-Siegen (December 3 2014)

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