CEMPI Inaugural Conference

24-29th September 2012

Aims and scope

The goal of the CEMPI Inaugural Conference was to launch the "Centre Européen pour les Mathématiques, la Physique et leurs Interactions," an eight year research and training project approved by the French government in February 2012 as a "Laboratoire d'Excellence".

The main scientific goal of the one-week conference was to present the different research areas of CEMPI and to discuss the strategy of the project with its partners. There were six colloquium style lectures, covering the main research themes of the project, and targeted at all participants. In addition, six one to two-day workshops on the CEMPI research themes have been held throughout the week. (See below for the details and pdf of the talks.)

CEMPI - Fields Instute - Université Lille 1 day: Within the conference week, Wednesday September 26 was devoted to a celebration of the 20th anniversary of the Fields Institute, as well as of the affiliation between CEMPI, the Fields Institute and the Université Lille 1. Three distinguished lectures were given, by Alain Aspect, Alain Connes and Etienne Ghys. (See below for the details and pdf of the talks.)

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Plenary Speakers

And in collaboration with the Fields Institute


The main topics that were covered are:

  • Non-linear dynamics in optical and atomic systems,
    organized by A. Taki (Lab. PhLAM, Université Lille 1),
  • Algebraic geometry, modular forms and applications to physics,
    organized by V. Gritsenko and D. Markouchevich (Lab. Paul Painlevé, Université Lille 1),
  • Operator algebras, harmonic analysis and quantum groups,
    organized by M. Neufang (Lab. Paul Painlevé, Université Lille 1),
  • Mathematics and Physics for Biology,
    organized by M. Lefranc (Lab. PhLAM, Université Lille 1),
  • Algebraic topology, higher categories and operads,
    organized by B. Fresse (Lab. Paul Painlevé, Université Lille 1),
  • Graphs and Groups,
    organized by C. Drutu (Lab. Paul Painlevé, Université Lille 1).

For a full list of the plenary and workshop lectures, with slides were available CLICK HERE .

For the abstracts of the talks, CLICK HERE .


The CEMPI inaugural conference gathered 208 participants. Click here for a list of participants.

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