Operators Algebra and Quantum Physics

Organization: M. Neufang (Painlevé)

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March 17th 2014, 3.30pm
Conference room, Building M3.
Quantum correlations in bipartite quantum systems
In this lecture, I will discuss how quantum correlations present initially in a bipartite quantum system are affected when the system is coupled to its environment. I will introduce the notions of entanglement and nonclassicality for mixed states in a quantum system composed of two subsystems. I will review some quantities commonly used to measure quantum correlations in such systems: the entanglement of formation, concurrence, quantum discord, and geometric measures based on the Bures distance. If time remains, I will describe the evolution of these measures for two qubits coupled either to independent baths or to ! a common bath, by using some simple markovian models. I will show that, if the dynamics is given by quantum trajectories corresponding to local measurements on the two indepen- dent baths, then the mean concurrence of the qubits decreases exponentially, despite the fact that the 2-qubit density matrix may become separable after a finite time.
1st talk part 1 1st talk part 2 2nd talk
Dominique Spehner (Université Joseph Fourier, Institut Fourier, Grenoble)

September 25th 2013, 2pm
Salle Kampé de Fériet, Building M2.
Entanglement and Symplectic Structures'' (based on Sawicki-Huckleberry-Kus)
Stephan De Bièvre (Painlevé)

March 21st 2013, 3.30pm
Salle Kampé de Fériet, Building M2.
Entanglement creation and complexity Slides
Marco Merkli (Saint John's Newfoundland)

December 5t 2012, 16h00-17h30
Salle Kampé de Fériet, Building M2.
Quantum channels arising from abstract harmonic analysis Résumé
J.Crann (Painlevé)

December 5th 2012, 8h30-10h00
Salle Kampé de Fériet, Building M2.
Spatial properties of multimodal integration in the parametric conversion Résumé
G. Patera (PhLAM)

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