* Stationary discs and finite jet determination for non-degenerate generic real submanifolds, avec F. Bertrand et F. Meylan

    * Chern-Moser operators and weighted jet detemination problems in higher codimension, avec F. Meylan

    * On nondegeneracy conditions in higher codimension, avec F. Meylan


    * Metrical and dynamical aspects in complex analysis, Lecture Notes in Mathematics (CEMPI subseries), Vol.2195 (2017).

Articles publiés

    * Stationary holomorphic discs and finite jet determination problems (avec F. Bertrand), Math. Ann. 358-1 (2014) 477-509.
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    * On the Gromov hyperbolicity of the Kobayashi metric on strictly pseudoconvex regions in the almost complex case, Math. Z. 263-3 (2009) 481-498.
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    * Proper pseudo-holomorphic maps between strictly pseudoconvex regions, Mich. Math. J. 56-1 (2008) 183-203.
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    * Regularity and estimates for $J$-holomorphic discs attached to a maximal totally real submanifold, J. Math. Anal. Appl. 341 (2008) 170-187.
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    * Régularité au bord des applications pseudo-holomorphes propres, C.R. Acad. Sci. Paris Ser. I 345-8 (2007) 421-424.
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    * Disques analytiques et problèmes au bord en géométries complexe et presque complexe (en PDF).