Getaltheorie in het Vlakke land

Arithmétique en plat pays

APP 2011

Lundi 5 septembre 2011

journée estivale



Katholieke Universiteit ; Salle SW 02.05



  • 11h-12h D. Suryaramana (Allahabad)

  • Additive Energy of Dense sets of Primes and Monochromatic Representation

    This talk reports on joint work with O. Ramaré where it is shown that if the sequence of prime numbers is coloured with K colours then every sufficiently large integer admits a representation as a sum of no more than CKlog log 4K monochromatic primes, where C is an absolute constant. This is deduced from a upper bound for the additive energy of dense sets of primes.

  • 14h-15h Lenny Taelman (Leiden)

  • An analytic class number formula in positive characteristic

    Arithmetic over the integers (or in number fields) is in many ways similar to arithmetic with polynomials in one variable over a finite field (or in function fields). In 1935 Leonard Carlitz introduced a remarkable function field analogue of the usual logarithm (which was later rediscovered and generalized by Drinfeld). In this talk I will explain what this "Carlitz logarithm" is, and how it can be used to obtain a function field version of the analytic class number formula. Although the statement is surprisingly similar to the classical formula, the only proof I know is by very different, more algebraic, methods. ( ref )

  • 15h-16h Arnaud Chadozeau (Paris)

  • The structure of rational points close to a curve

    We study the number of rational points with bounded heights in a neighborhood of a plane curve. We will describe structural features of this set of rational points, from which new bounds for the number of such points will be deduced.

  • 16h30-17h30 Antonella Perucca (Leuven)

  • Radical characterizations of elliptic curves

    Let K be a number field, and let E be an elliptic curve over K. A famous result by Faltings of 1983 can be reformulated for elliptic curves as follows: if S is a set of primes of good reduction for E having density one, then the K-isogeny class of E is determined by the function which maps a prime p in S to the size #E(k_p) of the group of points over the residue field. We prove that it suffices to look at the radical of the size. We also replace E(k_p) by the image of the Mordell-Weil group via the reduction modulo p, and solve this analogue problem for a large class of abelian varieties. This is a joint work with Chris Hall.



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    Depuis une des trois gares principales de Bruxelles (Nord, Centrale ou Midi), prenez un train qui s'arrete à Leuven. Depuis la gare de Leuven, prenez la rue Marie Therese (Maria Theresia straat ), qui continue tout droit comme la rue Andreas Vesalius (Andreas Vesalius straat), jusquà vous pouvez tourner vers votre droite dans la rue du Parc (Parkstraat), et entrez le site au numéro 45 dans cette rue du Parc (Parkstraat). voir ce chemin sur googlemaps

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