International Spring School on
Matrix Functions and their applications (SSMF2013)
Wednesday May 15, Thursday May 16 and Friday May 17, 2013
Salle de Réunion, Bâtiment M2

Laboratoire Paul Painlevé UMR 8524
Université de Lille 1, FRANCE



Over the last decade one can observe a very important research activity in the field of matrix functions, using tools both from numerical linear algebra and approximation theory. Matrix functions are useful tools not only in applied mathematics and scientific computing, but also in various other fields like control theory, elecromagnetism or the research on complex networks like social networks. The present meeting includes four comprehensive 4h-lectures about matrix functions and their applications. As such we cordially invite both confirmed reseachers and PhD students in related fields to attend this meeting and to learn more about this subject. [français]


The meeting, being part of the "First Thematic Semester Painlevé-CEMPI-Phlam 2013", will take place from Wednesday 9h30 to Friday 18h00. It consists of four lectures of 4 hours each covering the different aspects of the subject and and their applications. For those participants who have not seen much about matrix functions and have some time before the spring school, these lecture notes contain basics on matrix functions, a kind of "crash course for beginners". We will also organize a poster session for contributions of the participants.

The following speakers agreed to deliver a 4h lecture.
Wednesday Thursday Friday
09h30-10h30: Simoncini 1 09h30-10h30: Reichel 2 09h30-10h30: Van Dooren 3
10h30-11h00: Coffee break 10h30-11h00: Coffee break 10h30-11h30: Coffee break and
Poster session(*)
11h00-12h30: Simoncini 2 11h00-12h30: Reichel 3 11h30-12h30: Benzi 1
13h00-14h00: Lunch (Restaurant
universitaire Charles Barrois)
13h00-14h00: Lunch (Restaurant
universitaire Charles Barrois)
13h00-14h00: Lunch (Restaurant
universitaire Charles Barrois)
14h30-16h00: Simoncini 3 14h30-16h00: Van Dooren 1 14h30-16h00: Benzi 2
16h00-16h30: Coffee break 16h00-16h30: Coffee break 16h00-16h30: Coffee break
16h30-18h00: Reichel 1 16h30-18h00: Van Dooren 2 16h30-18h00: Benzi 3
(*) Posters presented by:


The spring school takes place at the Université de Lille 1, Salle de Réunion, Bâtiment M2 (first floor), Cité Scientifique, Villeneuve d'Ascq, in the north of France. This lecture hall is located in the main building M2 of the department of mathematics. Some useful links


There is no inscription fee, but registration before April 30 is mandatory, please use the following form. The update of the list of participants will be done manually on a regular basis.

We reserved 17 rooms in the student residence Bachelard on the campus of the university for a moderate price (about 15 E/night). Please let us know as soon as possible and before April 15 if you want us to reserve a room in this student residence on the campus [Map | Instructions | List].

We have reserved 10 rooms in the following hotel

until April 15. This hotel is close to the railway station Lille Flandres, with metro connections to the university. For a room, please contact directly the hotel and mention "conference ssmf2013, Laboratoire Painlevé, University of Lille" at your reservation. Some other hotels which are in the same areay for about the same price (but without prereservation):

We have also listed two AppartHotels which propose rooms for 1-4 people, without breakfirst but with small citchen. They are also downtown Lille, but a bit further away from the railway stations. If you want to search for a hotel yourself.


On Thursday May 16, 2013, the conference dinner will take place at 20h in the restaurant "Aux Moules", 34, rue de Béthune, 59000 Lille, Tél : 03 20 57 12 46, in the pedestrian zone not far from the railway station Lille Flandres, and Hotel St. Maurice.

Some other events for those staying more time in Lille:


We kindly acknowledge support from the
  • Laboratoire Paul Painlevé UMR 8524 (Université Lille 1 - CNRS)
  • Painleve
  • Fédération de Recherche Mathématique du Nord Pas de Calais
  • Université Lille 1 - Sciences et Techniques
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  • SMAI-SIGMA - interest group of the french mathematical society of applied mathematics
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  • Projet Mastodons Gargantua (Grenoble - Paris - Lille)
  • CNRS


    Bernhard Beckermann (Labo Painlevé, Lille), Abderrahman Bouhamidi (LMPA, Calais), Karl Deckers (Labo Painlevé, Lille), Ana C. Matos (Labo Painlevé, Lille).


  • Advances in Matrix Functions and Matrix Equations, Manchester, April 10-12, 2013.
  • Semestre thématique de l'équipe ANEDP du Laboratoire Painlevé/Fédération de Recherche Mathématique du Nord Pas de Calais/Labex CEMPI.

  • BB (, May 22, 2013