Rigidity in hyperbolic systems


Salle Duhem du bâtiment M3
Frederico Rodriguez Hertz
Université d'État de Pennsylvanie
Vendredi, 5 Avril, 2019 - 11:15 - 12:15

In the 80's two type of related rigidity results emerged, one of geometric flavor and the other dynamical, but both have a dynamical background. Otal and Croke showed that for negatively curved surface the marked length spectrum determines the isometry type of the surface. And de la LLave, Marco and Moriyon showed that for two dimensional Anosov diffeomorphisms, the marked Lyapunov spectrum determines the smooth isomorphism type of the system. In this talk I will discuss new developments along this line of problems, discussing a more general framework where these theory can be developed. This project is joint with A. Gogolev.